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Despite Its Growing Popularity In Modern Culture, To Some, There Is Still A Stigma Around Going To Therapy. There Is Still Some Societal Notion That Therapy Is For People Who Are Wildly Depressed Or Struggling With A Serious Mental Disorder.

However, many people can benefit from going to therapy. Here are five signs you might need therapy.

  1. You’ve Had a Big Life Change

Whether it’s good or bad, a major life change is good reason to see a therapist. If you’ve experienced major trauma, like a terminal diagnosis or the loss of a loved one, definitely go to therapy. Even smaller, positive changes can throw your emotions out of whack. Therapy can help you work through the changes that come with a marriage, new baby, or new job.

  1. Your Emotions are Always Intense

You don’t just feel a little happy—you have a burst of joy. What should make you feel a little bummed out causes a full on slump. If your emotions are a crazy roller coaster, talking to a therapist can help you get them in order.

  1. You Use a Substance to Cope

When you’ve had a bad day, you immediately go home and grab a beer. While a drink to unwind at the end of the day is fine, if you can’t deal unless you’ve had a couple drinks, you should see a therapist to come up with some better coping strategies. Drugs, food, and sex are other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

  1. You’re Not Yourself

If you’ve been feeling off lately, you might need to talk to a professional. You might be unusually sad, angry or anxious. You may have lost interest in your work and hobbies, or may be having trouble connecting with friends and family. If that’s the case, therapy will help you pinpoint why and come up with solutions to help you cope and overcome it.

  1. You’re a Person

Everyone, literally everyone, can benefit from therapy. It can help you address your flaws, confront your past and work through your fears. Every person should try therapy at least once.

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