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About Dr. Arlene Drake, Phd, LMFT

An experiences advocate

Stop being a Prisoner of your past, be the Architect of your future. Let me show you how!

Not content to be just another psychotherapist, Arlene Drake is a fierce advocate for adult survivors of child abuse and a dedicated mentor to her clients. Dr. Arlene Drake is a renowned psychotherapist living and working in Southern California with a practice in Encino. With over 40 years of experience, she is a pioneer in the field of childhood abuse and trauma recovery. In addition to a thriving private practice, Arlene supervises and trains other professionals in her innovative treatment methods. She has appeared on national talk shows and her opinions have been quoted in major media publications across the country.

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Arlene Drake: Recognized Leader and Advocate in the Community

A passionate champion of survivor rights, Arlene made front-page news for her role in the landmarkJane Doe court case. This groundbreaking ruling permitted adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse – for the very first time – to sue their perpetrators years after the standard statue of limitations had lapsed. Arlene is a caring contributor to her local community and her accomplishments have frequently been recognized. She was honored with a Leadership Commendation by the City of Los Angeles. Mothers Against Sexual Abuse presented her with a special Guardian Angel Award. Arlene is a member of both the Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) and the Clinical Hypnosis Association. Arlene originally hails from the Chicago area

Our process

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The goal of this initial step is to establish a collaborative relationship between the therapist and client, gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s unique needs, and develop a plan of action to achieve the desired outcomes.


Arlene Drake’s process of de-victimization is designed to help individuals who have experienced trauma to move beyond their past experiences and reclaim their power. This process consists of specific steps, homework assignments, and is highly goal-oriented.


The ultimate goal of this process is for clients to take ownership of their lives and be equipped with the tools and confidence to realize their full personal and professional potential. Graduating from therapy signifies the end of endless therapy sessions, and the beginning of a new chapter of self-empowerment, resilience, and growth.


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