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Arlene Drake is a Los Angeles-based psychotherapist who specializes in trauma therapy, PTSD treatment and general emotional challenges facing survivors of Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse and Emotional Abuse.  For thirty years, Arlene has been on the cutting-edge of treatment for Adults Abused as Children. Her innovative therapeutic tools help Survivors become their own hero in their recovery so that they may be free of past bondage and live the life they want and deserve.

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Arlene’s approach is unique.

What makes Arlene’s approach as a trauma therapist unique, is her active and interactive involvement in the therapy process. Arlene’s process of de-victimization consists of specific steps, homework, and is goal oriented. There is a beginning, middle and end. Arlene champions and supports her clients through these steps and, as a result, they graduate from the program truly owning their life.

Many Victims of Abuse struggle with trust and relationships, suffer from anxiety, depression, sexual problems, addictions and low self-worth. Most adults who have been abused feel shame, guilt, and live behind a wall of secrets that keeps them trapped in the past and a victim unable to live their life.

In addition to individual therapy, Arlene specializes in Group Psychotherapy, where she provides a safe place for you to share these feeling and breaks the “code of silence and shame.” Group therapy accelerates your recovery process, validates your feelings, shows you that you are not alone, and gives you the courage to speak your truth and realize the abuse was not your fault.

Arlene is also a skilled Hynotherapist.

Arlene’s ground-breaking approach is “THE END OF ENDLESS THERAPY.”

Upon graduation from therapy, you will OWN YOUR LIFE, be more confident and able to realize your full personal and professional potential.

Not in the Los Angeles area?

For those unable to visit Arlene in Los Angeles, Arlene offers virtual therapy using Skype or FaceTime. Please use this website to contact Arlene Drake directly to schedule your own virtual psychotherapy session.


Individual Therapy • Hypnotherapy • Couples Therapy

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