What We Offer

Psychotherapy Services Specializing in:

Childhood Trauma

Unlock a brighter future by addressing the effects of childhood trauma, such as trust issues, anxiety, depression, and low self-worth, through specialized therapy that promotes healing, growth, and empowerment.

Inner Child Work

Heal the wounds of the past with specialized therapy designed to help adults overcome the effects of past traumas and truly own your own life.


Our trauma-focused therapy can help you overcome the debilitating symptoms of PTSD and restore a sense of peace and well-being in your life.

Physical or Sexual Abuse

Compassionate and confidential therapy services for victims of sexual or physical abuse, helping you heal from trauma and reclaim your life.

Emotional Abuse/Neglect

Specialized therapy services for emotional abuse and neglect survivors, empowering you to heal from past wounds and build fulfilling relationships.

Relationship Problems

Unlock the potential of your relationships with our therapy services, helping you navigate challenges and build strong, fulfilling connections.

Our Process

Finally, an end to endless therapy



The goal of this initial step is to establish a collaborative relationship between the therapist and client, gain a comprehensive understanding of the client's unique needs, and develop a plan of action to achieve the desired outcomes.



Arlene Drake's process of de-victimization is designed to help individuals who have experienced trauma to move beyond their past experiences and reclaim their power. This process consists of specific steps, homework assignments, and is highly goal-oriented.



The ultimate goal of this process is for clients to take ownership of their lives and be equipped with the tools and confidence to realize their full personal and professional potential. Graduating from therapy signifies the end of endless therapy sessions, and the beginning of a new chapter of self-empowerment, resilience, and growth.

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