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Frequently asked questions

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Arlene Drake specializes in trauma therapy, specifically focused on survivors of Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, and Emotional Abuse. Her expertise extends to addressing general emotional challenges stemming from these experiences.

Arlene’s approach is unique in that it’s an active and interactive process. It involves specific steps, homework, and goal-oriented therapy. Clients go through a structured program to become their own heroes in their recovery journey.

Arlene’s therapy involves a structured process of de-victimization. It is a beginning, middle, and end approach, offering clients a clear path to owning their lives and breaking free from past trauma.

“Carefrontation” is the process of facing and working through painful truths in a supportive and compassionate manner. It helps individuals recognize and challenge negative patterns and beliefs shaped by their past, allowing for personal growth and healing.

Inner child work helps individuals explore and heal unresolved childhood wounds. It’s essential for understanding how past experiences continue to impact present-day thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This process enables self-awareness, self-acceptance, and healing.

Arlene’s approach focuses on tackling the root causes of trauma. It helps individuals graduate from therapy by addressing issues that might otherwise lead to ongoing therapeutic sessions. It aims to free individuals from the pain of childhood abuse.

Individuals dealing with relationship issues, family conflicts, mental health concerns like anxiety and depression, and those seeking marital or couples therapy can benefit from Arlene’s services. Additionally, anyone looking for freedom from these symptoms can embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Arlene specializes in Group Psychotherapy, which provides a safe space for sharing feelings and breaking the “code of silence and shame.” Group therapy accelerates the recovery process, fosters empathy, and empowers individuals to speak their truths.

You can book an appointment by contacting Arlene directly through her website. You can also get a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and explore how her services can help you.

Yes, for those unable to visit in person, Arlene offers virtual therapy sessions using Skype or FaceTime. This option allows clients to access her specialized trauma therapy and inner child work remotely.

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