Put an End to Endless Therapy. Buy a House Instead

For most shrinks out there, it’s all talk (therapy). Kick in a box of Kleenex, the comfy couch, call in a couple prescriptions, and call it a day (or rather, “days”.

Twice a week. 52 weeks a year, for 20 years). If this appeals to you, then there’s good news: you’ve got plenty of choices our there for the traditional “shrink rap”. BUT, if you’re looking for something different – like progress + true inner healing, perhaps?? – I have a better idea: trauma therapy with a beginning middle and, (most importantly) an END.

Call me crazy, but I actually don’t want my clients to be clients forever. Not because I’m heartless or uncaring – in fact, I care deeply about my clients and admire their unbelievable courage. It takes a lot to confront painful childhood abuse. But, at the end of the day, I want my clients to say good-bye and go. What I like to refer to as “Endless Therapy” may be in a therapist’s best interest, but it is NOT in the best interest of an adult survivor of childhood abuse. And that’s WHO I am most interested in! Clients should be getting better, not betting the house on their therapist. And by the time clients are done paying out all that money for therapy, they could probably have bought a house!

From where you stand right now (maybe even at the beginning stage of your process) you might be thinking: “How does that happen?! I’m damaged; broken beyond repair!” or, “Therapy doesn’t work. Why should I try again?” Many of my clients come in with similar thoughts. And you know what? They are partially right! Traditional talk therapy doesn’t work. But my trauma therapy does.

Sexual abuse survivors need effective therapeutic tools specially designed just for them. And that is exactly what I provide. Other, more “conventional” therapists don’t. Typically, my clients are with me 2-4 years and then they graduate; literally. Ceremony and all. I help guide my clients to confront the truth about their past (the beginning), use highly effective therapeutic tools to heal (the middle) and then they become the person they were always meant to be (the end). By the the End of Endless Therapy, my courageous clients are no longer victims controlled by their dark, abusive past. Instead, they are able to take the (much brighter) future into their own hands and set themselves free.

In my next blog, I’ll discuss in more detail the trauma therapy tools I use in guiding my clients through their healing process. So stay tuned for “Snapshots Of The Past: Childhood Photos That Connect And Help Heal.”

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