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Teen Alcohol Rehab

Teen Alcohol Rehab

If your teen shows signs of alcoholism, our teen alcohol rehab treatment is their salvation. At Clearfork Academy, we treat teenagers struggling with substance addiction and support them in adopting a healthier, drug, and alcohol-free life after treatment. If you want to sign your teenager into a rehab program, here are the options available at our center:


Not all alcohol addiction victims require detox, but most do. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for teenagers offers clinical detox in the first stages of the rehab treatment. The purpose is to reduce the impact of the withdrawal symptoms, minimize cravings, stabilize the patient, and eliminate the toxins and substance residues from the system.

In many cases, the detox procedure saves the patient’s life, making it essential for safe and lasting recovery. To check if your teenager needs detox services, you should contact our rehab counselor today for an introductory discussion and in-depth assessment at our clinic.

Residential treatment

Our residential rehab for teens in Fort Worth is the most successful and reliable rehabilitation program available. The treatment relies on medication management, therapy, counseling sessions, experiential therapies, etc. to promote sobriety and recovery. During the residential program, teenagers will remain in a secure and controlled recovery environment, enjoying the highest living conditions and amenities in the business.

Our Fort Worth adolescents rehabilitation center offers a calm and relaxing setting, access to phone and internet when necessary, and continuous care and support. Teenagers will find all the mental, emotional, and spiritual support they need for fast and healthy recovery during treatment.

Sober Living Homes

Sober Living Homes follows the Fort Worth teens and adolescents residential treatment, providing a home-like environment to recovering addicts. Here, they can work on their social skills and learn how to take care of themselves once completing residential treatment. The Sober Living Program is optional and can last between six to 12 months or even more if necessary.

Under our experts' supervision, sober Living patients will remain at our facilities for assistance and personal development support. They will learn how to live clean and free, socialize with other people, and take care of themselves in the long run.

Intensive Outpatient Program

IOP is a core addiction treatment for teens, ideal for accommodating patients who have completed a form of residential treatment. It relies on therapy and counseling for three days per week, up to three hours per day. During the meetings, you will engage in individual therapy and support groups, which promote unity, healing, balance, and social reintegration.

In addition, we offer access to an Alumni program as part of an aftercare protocol with outstanding long-term benefits. During Alumni, patients visit our center Saturdays only for peer support and counseling sessions.

If you’re looking for a reliable teen alcohol rehab center, contact Clearfork Academy, and let’s discuss your insurance and treatment options! We offer high school education, Christ-centered, and faith-based programs, and high-end clinical and psychological care and support. With our help, your teenager will gain a second chance to a clean and alcohol-free lifestyle.

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Teen Alcohol Rehab Teen Alcohol Rehab