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Sober Transitional Housing Austin

Sober transitional housing Austin

Completing your program at a rehabilitation facility is, no doubt, a great victory. However, it's only the first step on your journey towards maintaining a sober life. You still have to continually develop coping skills and avoid environments that can trigger you to pick up the habit you worked so hard to drop. This could be quite difficult if you can't control the behavior of the people around you. And that's why you should consider lodging in a sober transitional housing in Austin.

Who should stay in a sober transitional housing in Austin?

It's vital to note that sober living homes are not homeless shelters. They serve as a safe refuge for people at different stages of their journey towards sobriety. The following are the different classes of people you may meet at Bridgeway sober living homes:

  • People who desire accountability on their sobriety journey
  • People who are just stepping down from an intensive outpatient or inpatient treatment program
  • People who need to escape their environment because of the prevalence of triggers
  • People who need to become independent but still require a structured environment.

All residents of sober living homes must have successfully undergone medical detoxification and are drug-free.

Are sober living homes free?

No. Sober living homes are not free shelters. Residents are required to pay a certain amount as rent and contribute to utility bills. They must also be ready to fulfill household duties as shared between the housemates.

How much do they cost?

The cost of staying in a sober transitional housing in Austin would depend on the type of accommodation provided, location, available amenities, and other specific factors. The best sober living homes also have resident staff who are committed to helping the home dwellers maintain a drug-free life. Thus, staff expertise could also increase the cost of sober transitional housing in Austin.

At Bridgestone Sober Living Homes, we offer a wide variety of apartment and room options so clients can choose the best suits. All our homes are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and located in central areas. Thus, you're guaranteed proximity to work, malls, and other important sites. You can get in touch with our help desk to know more about the cost of our homes.

Can my insurance pay for sober living?

Mental health treatments are billable under most insurance plans. So, you can expect your insurer to cover part or all of your addiction treatment. However, sober living homes are not treatment centers. Your insurance benefits will most likely not cover the cost of living in a sober transitional housing in Austin. Although it may cover some additional treatment services you're enrolled in while staying at one.

Contact the leading providers of sober transitional housing in Austin

At Bridgeway, we are passionate about sobriety. Our senior-level team has collectively 60+ years of sobriety. We believe in people's capacity to change and transition and provide additional holistic services and resources that other Sober Living environments do not. If you're looking for the ideal environment to continue your sobriety journey, do not hesitate to contact us on (512) 598-4875.

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Sober Transitional Housing Austin Sober Transitional Housing Austin