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Senior Living Des Moines

Senior Living Des Moines

The accommodation requirements of people change when they begin to reach a certain age. They begin to require more care and attention and have special needs. 

Senior living in Des Moines is a great option for senior citizens. They are adequate for both assisted and independent living for both long and short-term purposes.

There are facilities, apartments, and communities with a convenient and welcoming environment that provides the needed comfort for senior citizens.

Our Senior Living Residence in Des Moines

We have a wonderful community for older adults with different needs. Some may require independent living options where they have the luxury of their private apartments.

Every form of cleaning, maintenance, and every other additional care needed is provided for in this option. There is also provision for assisted living where extra care and attention are required.

We also provide short-term rehab and long-term care for older adults when needed. This has made us the best Des Moines senior living community.

The exceptional service that we provide has also differentiated us from other residences. We pay attention to every detail and ensure the maximum satisfaction of our senior citizens.

Our apartments and assisted living facilities in Des Moines provide the best services. Some of our services include;

Adequate Staff

We have a sufficient quantity of staff readily available to attend to our senior citizens. The staff-to-resident ratio is adequate as there are more than enough staff to provide the necessary care.

Our staff members are also highly trained and experienced. We have licensed caregivers and skilled nurses to provide medical care and every other form of supervision needed.


We provide outstanding services at affordable rates. Unlike other senior living residences, we have a flexible payment plan and accept a wide range of payment options.

Our apartments and facility services are not overcharged and every one of our residents is given their money's worth.

 Activities and Events

We have designed a lot of activities for our older citizens to keep them active, healthy, and entertained. There are different activities such as sporting activities, fitness events, and other forms of entertainment.

These have been organized to ensure they are not idle or bored. We are concerned about activities that can help their social, mental, and physical health for satisfactory senior living in Des Moines

Apartment Standards

Our living spaces are of top standards. Our retirement homes in Des Moines have comfortable and clear layouts and allow our older citizens to move around easily. 

We have the appropriate furniture and appliances. We have also set up a 24-hour emergency response system. Our Des Moines nursing home facilities are also well equipped and comfortable.

We have unexcelled accommodation provisions and our seniors are guaranteed the best living conditions.

We have created a community, where older adults can comfortably reside, thrive, and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Apart from the general services provided by other senior living residences, we provide other specialized services required for comfortable and fulfilling senior living in Des Moines. Contact Prairie Vista Village for the best senior living in Altoona IA
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Senior Living Des Moines
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