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Rehabs In Florida That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield

St. John’s Recovery Place is among the most reliable rehabs in Florida that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurances. Our goal is to provide our rehab patients with optimal care and make our services as affordable as possible. If you’re after a reliable, modern, and affordable rehabilitation center, our facility checks all the boxes.

What will BCBS cover for addiction treatment?

Our Florida addiction recovery centers accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurances for a variety of programs and procedures. The problem is that the coverage may vary from state to state, despite working with the same insurance as another patient. In this sense, your BCBS insurance may cover different rehab services than someone else’s, depending on the state where the rehab facility is.

But, just to have an overall look on things, here are the core rehab programs that BCBS should cover for you:

  • Detox treatment – The detox program is one of the leading procedures for coping with the withdrawal and stabilizing patients upon arrival at our center. The detox procedure uses specific medication to inhibit cravings, diminish the withdrawal symptoms, cleanse the body of toxins, and restore the brain’s nervous functioning.
  • Inpatient treatment – The inpatient treatment is the main rehab program at our luxury rehab centers in Florida. We use it to place patients in a controlled and comfortable recovery setting, where they can focus exclusively on their rehabilitation journey. The program eliminates the risks of relapse, helps patients engage in group counseling and group activities, and promotes sober living daily.
  • Outpatient programs – Outpatient programs are essential recovery tools at our alcohol treatment centers. They help patients transition from intensive care to a more independent, self-sufficient, and sober lifestyle over the years. Programs like PHP and IOP achieve this via daily and weekly therapy meetings, counseling sessions, group therapy, and several other recovery-specific programs.
  • Sober living – The sober living program is one of the most effective transitional programs for drug addiction rehab in Florida. The program places you in a home-like, comfortable environment, where you will participate in house chores, learn how to cooperate with other patients, and develop a healthy and balanced living routine.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Our Florida drug treatment includes dual diagnosis assistance, helping individuals address their co-occurring mental health disorders in a controlled and comfortable setting. If you don’t know whether your BCBS offers dual diagnosis coverage, speak to your provider or contact our team to sort things out together.

Find the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL today!

We have the best rehabs in Florida that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and offer extensive recovery treatment for a variety of drug and alcohol-related conditions. We advise you to contact our rehab team today if you know someone struggling with a form of substance addiction.

St. John’s Recovery Place offers access to a high-end facility with numerous amenities, recovery programs, and personalized care. You can call 833-397-3422 to discuss your insurance coverage and find out additional information about the programs available at our center.

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Rehabs In Florida That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield
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Rehabs In Florida That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehabs In Florida That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield