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Outpatient Rehab Tampa

Outpatient Rehab Tampa

Spring Gardens Recovery is a premier rehabilitation facility with top amenities, outstanding recovery programs, and a unique rehab approach. Our outpatient rehab in Tampa functions as a transitionary program between more intensive treatment forms and an independent lifestyle. Here are five benefits of outpatient care in our facility:

1. Building upon inpatient treatment

When dealing with aggravated addiction, there are specific rehab strategies to follow to achieve the best results. These include detox, inpatient care, IOP treatment services in Tampa Bay, outpatient treatment, and aftercare support. The outpatient program operates as an extension of inpatient care and IOP. It relies on a minimum of nine hours per week of therapy, counseling, urinary tests, and case management services to:

  • Promote sobriety goals
  • Provide peer support via group therapy
  • Provide mental and spiritual healing via individual counseling sessions
  • Train patients in identifying and avoiding social triggers
  • Provide education on addiction, rehab, sustained sobriety, and relapse prevention
  • Offer family therapy, etc.

2. More affordable time and money-wise

Both intensive outpatient treatment in Tampa and outpatient programs are more financially affordable than inpatient care. They are also more permissive when it comes to the time you spend in rehab. During the outpatient program, you will only come to our center eight hours per week for therapy, urinary analysis, and counseling. If you need substance abuse treatment near me, but your condition doesn’t require inpatient treatment, our outpatient program is a perfect choice.

3. Combine personal life with addiction treatment

Incorporating the rehab treatment in the patient’s personal life is arguably the most effective recovery strategy available. Inpatient programs, as effective as they are, fall short when it comes to promoting long-term sobriety. The outpatient treatment allows you to pursue your treatment goals while remaining socially and professionally active. You can now take care of your family, go to work, complete your educational projects while visiting our center weekly for treatment and therapy.

4. Improved confidentiality

Depending on your social profile, who you are and what you do, you might want to keep your treatment a secret. If you’re looking for an outpatient substance abuse treatment near me to offer privacy, our program is the ideal choice. At our center, we understand how essential privacy is for both high-profile and everyday individuals looking to avoid social stigma and judgment.

To receive reliable intensive outpatient treatment near me, you need to contact our experts today. They will guide you through the assessment process, during which our clinicians will build a personalized rehab strategy for long-term results.

5. Personal life improvement

Our adult intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Tampa, FL, and outpatient treatment allows our patients to work on their families and relationships during rehab. This shows how effective the outpatient treatment is long-term, as it helps individuals heal from addiction, fix their personal problems, pursue their career goals, and embrace sobriety over the years.

For personalized and effective outpatient rehab in Tampa, contact Spring Gardens Recovery at 866-244-9556! You can check your rehab insurance options, speak to a counselor, and find out additional information about our rehab treatments.

Outpatient Rehab Tampa
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Outpatient Rehab Tampa
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Outpatient Rehab Tampa Outpatient Rehab Tampa