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Naturopathic Doctor Keller Tx

Naturopathic Doctor Keller Tx

Are you curious about what to expect when you come in for your first appointment with a naturopathic doctor? When you come into Elite Health Center to visit a naturopathic doctor in Keller, TX, you will be served by a team of clinicians, not by just one physician. Although most of your interactions and counseling will take place with a single naturopathic physician, our team works together to deliver the best naturopathic medicine for you. In other words, you get to benefit from your doctor and the other minds working behind the scenes on your behalf.

During your first visit, you will receive a full history and a full physical exam. Then, our faculty will do a consultation where we will discuss the findings and what we think would be best as the next steps for you. We'll write everything down in a treatment plan for you, and you will be an active participant throughout this entire process so that you can be a part of your team as well.

One of the benefits of seeing a naturopathic doctor in Keller is that you will have more one-on-one time and interactions with your naturopathic doctor than you would with a normal medical doctor. This means more personalized, hands-on care and more opportunities to benefit from interactions with your. 

What Happens After I Have a Treatment Plan from a Naturopathic Doctor?

The first step is to get your treatment plan done. This will dictate where we go from here. Once you have a treatment plan in place, we can look at some dietary counseling. We'll provide you with some insights on some lifestyle habits, food, and other things that might be adversely impacting your health. We can help you with what to minimize, reduce, and improve on for the sake of your overall health and wellness.

Typically, a naturopathic doctor will provide you with dietary counseling, supplements, herbal remedies (usually in the form of a tincture or tea form), and perhaps a homeopathic remedy. We also like to send our patients home with some exercises, both physical and other ways to help you improve your health as well. Effectively, we will be giving you a homework assignment, although we will not be doing so with judgment. Rather, we believe that getting you involved is critical to making your health and wellness work, and we will do everything that we can to assist you to that end.

Why See a Naturopathic Doctor if You Already See a Medical Doctor?

It's not uncommon for individuals to have both a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor in Keller, TX. Many people choose to add a naturopathic physician to their healthcare team even when they are happy with their current medical doctor. Seeing both a medical doctor and a naturopathic physician can foster a true sense of integration and allow your team to work together to achieve the best possible healthcare and treatments for you.

Naturopathic Doctor Keller Tx
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Naturopathic Doctor Keller Tx Naturopathic Doctor Keller Tx