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Mental Health Treatment Scottsdale

Mental Health Treatment Scottsdale

Mental health treatment in Scottsdale is essential for sustainable recovery and an overall healthier and more stable lifestyle after rehab. At Rising Phoenix Wellness Services, we know that many rehab facilities ignore the effectiveness and necessity of dual diagnosis treatment. Our rehabilitation center is different.

The best mental health and wellness in Scottsdale, AZ

Our Scottsdale mental health facility relies on dual diagnosis assessment and treatment to provide in-depth rehab and recovery services and promote long-term sobriety. The treatment process functions based on a multidisciplinary structure, involving:

  • Thorough medical and psychiatric assessment – We assess every patient’s mental health upon arrival, looking to diagnose their problems and create a customizable detox and recovery program fast. The treatment may include medication management, therapy, and counseling, addressing mental problems like anxiety, depression, internalized trauma, PTSD, etc.

  • Dual diagnosis and detox – The dual diagnosis treatment goes hand in hand with the detox program. The goal is to stabilize your cognitive and emotional functioning, provide relief from withdrawal, and cleanse your body and mind of the substances you’re using.

  • Inpatient treatment – The inpatient program is vital when addressing co-occurring disorders, especially the more severe ones. Our Scottsdale mental health facility relies on inpatient treatment to promote fast and effective recovery and healing, with 24/7 supervision and assistance.

  • Outpatient program – Most recovering addicts require outpatient services upon completing the inpatient program. You can join our outpatient mental health treatment rehab in Scottsdale and continue your social and professional obligations at the same time. The treatment relies on weekly meetings for therapy, counseling, and support groups to strengthen your commitment to sobriety and healthy living.

  • Alumni program – The aftercare program is often necessary due to its role in shaping people’s lifestyles. It can span over several years, or as long as the individual needs it, promoting unity, peer support, social reintegration, and personal growth.

A unique mental health treatment

Knowing how destructive untreated mental health disorders can become, we have created a unique treatment based on a holistic philosophy. This philosophy dictates our approach to diagnosing and treating mental problems and addiction-related physical, psychological, and emotional issues. By treating patients as unique individuals, we help them:

  • Grow more confident, stable, and overall healthier
  • Improve their self-esteem and positivity
  • Control their behavior, thoughts, and emotions more effectively
  • Contain their cravings in the long-run
  • Remain committed to sobriety and prevent relapse over the years
  • Improve their personal and professional lives
  • Learn to appreciate life's small things and enjoy living once more
  • Understand the importance of honesty, introspection, and accountability

Our Scottsdale outpatient mental health treatment teaches patients more about addiction, mental disorders, healthy living, and, more importantly, about themselves. If you require immediate medical and psychiatric assistance, you need to immediately contact our mental health professionals in Scottsdale.

Call Rising Phoenix Wellness Services today at 480-589-0895, and let’s discuss your problems! You can verify your insurance coverage, ask information about pricing options, and find out more about our mental health treatment in Scottsdale from our counselor.

Mental Health Treatment Scottsdale

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Mental Health Treatment Scottsdale Mental Health Treatment Scottsdale