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Independent Pharmacy Orlando

Why choose an independent pharmacy in Orlando? After all, there are plenty of Walgreen's, CVS, Walmarts, and Rite Aid's to choose from. These reputed pharmacies have provided customers with many convenient locations and lower prices. Aside from a small segment of our population who view these giant corporations as evil, most consumers are on the fence when it comes to choosing between these drugstore Goliaths or a locally-owned independent pharmacy. For many consumers, the choice comes down to cost.

Bailey's Pharmacy is a distinct independent pharmacy in Orlando in that we are a Florida-based pharmacy chain with a small-town feel. We are family-owned and heavily involved in the communities we serve. Whether it's helping the homeless, the elderly, or the otherwise disadvantaged; or whether we're collecting and bringing presents to impoverished children on Christmas; Bailey's Pharmacy prides itself on taking an active role in the communities in which we operate.

Benefits of Choosing an Independent Pharmacy

Aside from the warm and fuzzy feeling that we get when we know we've shopped locally, there are many tangible benefits from choosing an independent pharmacy in Orlando. Let's consider the top three benefits of selecting an independent pharmacy over one of the aforementioned pharmacy corporations:

1 Familiarity

In a world that gets smaller by the day, people somehow seem to be getting farther apart. When you choose our pharmacy, you will be connected to a network of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who take the time to get to know you personally. Many of our regular customers enjoy having a friendly pharmacy where everybody knows them by their first names.

Our pharmacists will get to know you, get to know your medications, and your overall health situation. We'll monitor your meds and make sure that you're not taking more medicine than you need. Additionally, we'll make sure you're not paying too much for your medications. We even offer free delivery to our loyal customers to help save them time, money, and to make their lives a little easier, in addition to a price match guarantee.

2. A Modern Pharmacy with Everything You Need

With Bailey's Pharmacy, the phrase "Independent pharmacy" doesn't mean "Basic pharmacy." We have all the amenities and advantages of that big box retailers have. For instance, we have a fully-functioning online prescription fill system that tells you when your prescription will be ready. If you're having problems online, give us a call. We'll gladly fill your prescription over the phone.

We'll have it ready when you arrive so you can grab it and go. Further, we've got milk, eggs, bread, wine, snacks, soft drinks, and other goods on hand, so you don't have to make numerous stops on your way home from work. We've got your medicine and everything you need right here.

3. Leeway

Because Bailey's Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy in Orlando, we get to make our own decisions that other corporate stores don't have the flexibility to make. We empower our staff to make their own choices. For example, if our pharmacists know you well, we won't have a problem letting you pick up your prescription if you left your ID at home. See if you can get away with that at a corporate pharmacy. We put our customers first, and we do everything we can to give everyone a hassle-free and stress-free experience every time they come to our store.

Independent Pharmacy Orlando
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