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Alcohol Detox in Newport Beach

Alcohol Detox in Newport Beach

Alcohol is not a new indulgence and has a long history globally, dating back to many centuries ago. While it is still a socially acceptable drink, there is not enough awareness on avoiding addiction and continuing a sober life. The WHO states that excessive alcohol is having four or five drinks on one occasion, which means many people do not know they have an alcohol problem.

Alcohol addiction will always take a toll on your mind and body, so you never actually control the amount you wish to take. The best way to control the addiction is to stop it when you still think it is a harmless habit before it grows into a full-blown glaring monster that saps away at your life force.

How can you do this? Start an alcohol detox program as soon as you think you have an addiction, or even if you are far off into the addiction habit. Detox is a recovery hack that will quickly revert your triggers and remove the excessive physical and mental pain of fighting off the urge with sheer will.

Everything you should know about our detox facilities in Newport Beach

What is alcohol detox?

Alcohol detox is the first thing you do when you want to stop an abuse habit. The prospect of going from one state of extreme addiction to some stability is downright scary, so you must know what to expect. Bear in mind that it is not advisable for you to detox from home because the withdrawal is harsh and life-threatening, as your body goes into the shock of lacking a drug in its brain, blood, and body.

Benefits of getting detox from drug rehab in Orange County

  • There are medical professionals to prescribe medications and watch over your recovery stages and prevent reactions like heart failure and seizures.
  • You are in a safer environment free of the anxiety, confusion, and hallucinations that lead to bad decisions, like a suicidal impulse.
  • Professional detox is better when you want to reduce the risk of relapse

What to expect from supervised alcohol detox

Medical alcohol detox is a lot different than anything you can do by yourself at home. The process begins when you check into our facility for a medical assessment that evaluates all your medical issues to develop a specific detox plan.

The next step is to combine prescription drugs that will support the detox and boost the eventual recovery process. The following are a few of the common prescription drugs in Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers:

  • Naltrexone which controls alcohol cravings
  • Disulfiram to reduce the excess adverse reaction from alcohol
  • Acamprosate to reduce cravings and acute addiction signals
  • Benzodiazepines to reduce the signs of extreme withdrawal

All these drugs are usually tough to manage, so you must have a medical expert in treatment centers in Newport Beach supervise the process to enhance recovery.

The first step to starting a detox is to embrace the power of alcohol detox in Newport Beach and verify your insurance online. Feel free to contact our drug rehab in Newport Beach CA for more information.


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Alcohol Detox in Newport Beach Alcohol Detox in Newport Beach