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Ptsd Therapy Los Angeles

Ptsd Therapy Los Angeles

More than 3 million cases of PTSD are diagnosed each year in the United States. While this disturbing and alarming mental health condition is commonly linked to individuals in the military, it is clear that anyone can experience PTSD in their life. If anyone goes through a traumatic event or is associated with a traumatic event, it is normal to feel hopeless, helpless, and out-of-control. You may initially feel that the world is an unsafe place, and with PTSD, those feelings may never subside until you seek PTSD therapy from a qualified professional.

Is there Therapy for PTSD?

PTSD can be caused by overwhelming stress, anxiety, or even childhood trauma. When it doesn't subside over time and people get more or less stuck feeling hyper-alert, fearful, irritable, and like something is always going to happen very negative; they become stuck in a fight or flight mode of operating. People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder often isolate themselves and relive their trauma over and over again.

People with PTSD often have intrusive dreams and intrusive thoughts, so they are constantly at odds. People with PTSD often feel angry, on-edge, over-emotional, and surrounded by danger. The good news is that there is treatment available to help people with PTSD to manage their symptoms. In other words, if you or someone you love has PTSD, or you think you have this disorder, you can control it instead of letting it control you!

How Does PTSD Therapy Work?

Dr. Arlene Drake uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients recreate and reface their trauma and rethink how they are reacting to it. Of course, there is more that goes into treating PTSD than reliving or refacing the trauma that has caused the mental health condition. For example, routine physical exercise, therapy, socialization, and sometimes even medication can all help a person with PTSD cope.

Arlene Drake is a private PTSD/Trauma therapist who has been helping adult survivors of trauma (such as child abuse sexual abuse, and victims of violence) to cope with their problems and live otherwise normal, healthy, functioning lives. Sadly, most of the patients who work with Dr. Arlene Drake are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and even their 60s. This means that they allowed many years go by before getting the help they need. If you are reading this now, and you need help to overcome the damage caused by PTSD, don't wait another day! Start getting the help you need now so that you can still live many good years of life.

Do I Need PTSD Therapy?

If you have tried therapy before either with a private therapist, an agency or even your church, and it has failed, Dr. Arlene Drake is ideal for you. You will have guidance and direction throughout the PTSD therapy process. You will not be given advice and left on your own. Each week you will have simple yet highly meaningful homework assignments that, together with therapy, will take you from being a victim to living the life you are meant to live.

Ptsd Therapy Los Angeles
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Ptsd Therapy Los Angeles
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Ptsd Therapy Los Angeles Ptsd Therapy Los Angeles